Malam Suro Di Rumah Darmo (2014)

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This luxury house is the result of a family’s pesugihan. The family gets a lot of property, gold, houses and other luxury objects and gives sacrifices and offerings in return. But because the family wanted to act fraudulently by not giving sacrifices and offerings anymore and intending to flee using the sea lane.

Then the ghosts immediately sank the ship that the family was riding so that the whole family died. The house and the possessions that were possessed were indirectly taken back by the ghosts and several families still in the house were killed. They were killed on the night of Suro.

As a result, the house has until now become their residence so that no one has bought the luxury house. Now the existence of the Darmo haunted house has become the most famous lipstick for occult lovers throughout Indonesia so that the place is never empty of visitors.


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